Ryan Scott Dawson

About Ryan

About Ryan


Ryan is a freelance writer, photographer, and videographer from South Carolina, and currently based in Madrid, Spain. 

Spain is a far cry from the rural farms and fields outside of Charleston, South Carolina where Ryan grew up. After living abroad in Australia, traveling through Asia, and moving from Charleston to Boston, Massachusetts Ryan discovered his passion for writing and visual media. During an internship at Scene Magazine in Boston, Ryan began to fall in love with writing after being entrusted to copy edit and copy write articles for the magazine. Simultaneously, in conjunction with his linguistic responsibilities, he also developed a passion for creating stunning visual-content through his duties as a photography assistant. 

After College, Ryan began to immerse himself into event photography and portrait photography. He created an LLC and started taking on more significant projects to help companies and brands generate high-quality content. In the Fall of 2017, Ryan moved to Madrid to work as an English language assistant and sharpen his travel and event photography skills. Ryan was fortunate enough to experience all that Europe & North Africa had to offer while working as a photographer for a travel company based out of Madrid. His travels took him to many unique and eye-opening places; as a young man, Ryan would have never imagined waking up to a sunrise in the Sahara Desert or exploring the historical and culturally rich streets of Paris.

On top of honing existing skills, Ryan has also looked to further solidify his creative disciplines by taking on new and exciting projects. In the summer of 2018, Ryan began working with professional videographers to produce and shoot several music videos; he took on a freelance content writing position, and worked closely with some of Madrid's up-and-coming artists to develop their brands. 

Ryan's ultimate goal is always to learn and hone his professional and personal growth as an artist at every opportunity. Whatever the situation may be, Ryan is a quick-learner and enthusiastic contributor. His real talents lie in collaborating with new and existing brands and bringing their vision, their ideas, and their voice to life. Ryan's strongest traits lie in his drive, his communication abilities across any medium, and his curiosity about the world and all that it has to offer. 

All published written work can be provided upon request.